First Steps

First Steps

First, decide what niche you want to focus on.

While you can focus on more than one niche, that is much trickier to do since you are diluting your value that way.

You also need to make sure there is a critical mass of the number of businesses in your area that compete with each other that there will be a value in running such a business.

For example, if you live in a town with just 20,000 people, there may be 3-4 dry cleaners in the area that people can choose from, but it’s unlikely you could make a business out of just three or four dry cleaners.

When the choices are that limited, people will just ask friends or relatives rather than looking to a trusted service.

Finally, check around and see if there is already an established referral business for the particular area that you are interested in working in.

If there already is, do some research to find out if there is room for a second service or if your business would just end up spinning its’ wheels without gaining any ground.